Lexicon: rising – rivet

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rising, n. [see rise, v.]

Flood; flow; streaming; filling with water; [fig.] verbal fluency; poetic productivity.

rising, verbal adj. [see rise, v.]

Ascending; climbing; waxing.

risk (-s), n. [Fr. risque.]

Chance; gamble; hazard; danger; adventure; jeopardy.

risk, v. [Fr. risquer < older It. riscare < risco, risk.]

Chance; gamble; submit to danger.

ritardando, v. [It. ritardare, to slow down.]

Linger; stay behind; gradual reduction in speed.

rite (-s), n. [L. rītus, ceremony.]

Ritual; religious ceremony; solemn service; act of tradition or custom.

ritual, n. [L. rītus, rite.]

Rite; ceremony; prescribed order; religious service; [lit.] liturgy; bible; book containing religious rites; [fig.] vow; contract; agreement; covenant; [metaphor] script; dialogue; conversation.

rival, adj. [L. rivāl-is, one living on the opposite bank of a stream from another < rivus, stream.]

Competing; pursuing the same object as another.

river (-s), n. [OFr rivere, pop. L. ripāria < ripa, bank.]

Large stream; flowing body of water.

rivet (-s), n. [OFr rivet < river, to fix, clinch.]

Fastener; bolt or nail driven through a material that cannot be removed.