Lexicon: road – robbing

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road (-s), n. [OE rád < pret. stem of rídan, to ride.]

Public path; way of coming and going.

roam (-ing, -s), v. [origin obscure.]

Wander; meander; drift; rove; stray.

roar, n. [see roar, v.]

Clamor; outcry; a loud, sustained sound.

roar, v. [OE rárian, prob. of imitative origin.]

Bellow; make a loud, sustained noise.

roaring, n. [see roar, v.]

Clamoring; shouting; cacophony; making a loud noise.

roast (-ed), v. [OFr rostir < rôst, gridiron, grill.]

Burn; heat violently.

rob (-bed, -s), v. [OFr rober < Germ. roub-, reave.]

  1. Steal from; seize from; plunder from; take from.
  2. Despoil; ransack; violate.

robber, n. [AFr. and OFr robbere.]

Thief; burglar; plunderer.

robbery (robberies), n. [OFr roberie < rober, to rob.]

Stolen items; property belonging to another; [fig.] loved ones; precious possessions.

robbing, n. [see rob, v.]

Deprivation; want; loss; deficiency.