Lexicon: robe – roi

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robe (-s), n. [OFr robe, spoil, booty, same stem as rob, v.]

Loose fitting garment worn over other clothes; [fig.] garment worn by divine beings.

robin (-s, -'s), n. [OFr Robin, diminutive of Robert.]

  1. Red-breasted bird; migratory songbird native to North America; bird prized for its beautiful song.
  2. Songbird; [fig.] bard; lyric poet; creative writer. J1606/Fr1632 The Robin … puts her Craft about / For rumored springs

robust, adj. [L. rōbust-us < rōbur, strength.]

Strong; sturdy; healthy; vigorous; solid; full.

rock (-s), n. [OFr roke.]

  1. Barrier; block; brick; stone used to make a wall.
  2. Stone.

rock (-ed, -s), v. [Late OE roccian.]

  1. Cradle; soothe; lull; comfort.
  2. Sway; swing.
  3. Reel; bend; shake.

rocking, verbal adj. [see rock, v.]

Phrase. “Rocking Chair”: seat that moves back and forth with the steady movement of the person sitting.

rod, n. [Origin unknown; see golden, adj.]

Stem; shoot; [phrase: “Golden Rod”] golden-rod; flowering plant with bright yellow blooms.

roe, n. [OE ráha.]

Hart; small species of deer.

rogue (-s), n. [Canting word introduced about the middle of the 16th century to designate a specific kind of beggar.]

Rascal; dishonest person; unprincipled individual; one who is of a mischievous disposition.

roi, n. [Fr. 'king'; see vive, v.]

Phrase “Vive le roi”: salute; pledge; toast; declaration of loyalty; “long live the king.”