Lexicon: rose – round

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rose (-s), n. [OE < L. rosa prob. an adoption of Gr.]

  1. Beautiful fragrant flower of the genus Rosa.
  2. Source of spicy fragrance or perfume.
  3. Graceful woman [reference to a close friend, for example, Helen Hunt Jackson.]
  4. Female flower; [personification] bride.
  5. Elegant construction [such as a body or a house.]
  6. Token; symbol; [fig.] representative; ambassador; authorized messenger.
  7. Spring; natural beauty; prime time; season of nature; early spring or autumn [fig.] life; hope.
  8. Blush; rush of blood to the face indicating intense emotion.
  9. Lady [possible reference to Mary Bowles and the Virgin Mary.]

rosemary, n. [L. rōs marīnus.]

Herb; fragrant plant; [fig.] perfume; sachet.

rosy (rosier), adj. [see rose, n.]

  1. Blushing; [fig.] pretty; young; healthy.
  2. Charming; comfortable; warm; by the fireside.

rotation, n. [L. rotāre, to turn or swing round, revolve.]

  1. Act of turning like a wheel.
  2. Vicissitudes of succession; course by which officers leave their places and are succeeded by others.

rouge, adj. [Fr. rouge < L. rubeum, related to ruber.]

Red; pink with life; ruddy with health.

rough (-est), adj. [OE rúh.]

Tempestuous; stormy.

round (-er), adj. [OFr rund- < L. rotundus related to rota, wheel.]

Circular; spheric.

round, adv. [see round, adj.]

  1. In the area; [fig.] randomly; unsystematically; without a direct course.
  2. Phrase. “Round and round”: around; about; in circles; in a circular motion.

round, n. [Fr. rond or absolute uses of round, adj.]

  1. Circuit; compass; circumference; tour of duty; [fig.] inspection; review; examination; evaluation.
  2. Season; cycle; time period; [fig.] reign; rule.

round, prep. [see round, adj. and around, prep.]

  1. Surrounding; encircling; moving in a circle about.
  2. Around; in the same area.
  3. Outside of; close to; standing near to; in the area of; gathering in the vicinity of.