Lexicon: royalty – ruffle

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royalty, n. [OFr roialté, see royal, adj.]

  1. Glory; reward.
  2. Power; authority; sovereignty.

rub (-bed), v. [ME rubben.]

Wipe; clean; polish; scour; apply friction; put pressure on.

rubbers, n. [see rub, v.]

Overshoes or galoshes made of caoutchouc (rubber).

ruby, adj. [see ruby, n.]

Red; carmine-colored.

ruby (-'s, rubies), n. [OFr rubi.]

  1. Red spinel; rare gem; rosy corundum; precious stone; valuable mineral of colors such as carmine, violet, hyacinth, orange-red, vermcille, or rubicel.
  2. Red wine.

ruddy (ruddier), adj. [OE.]

  1. Glowing; illuminating; flaming
  2. Rosy; healthy; having good blood circulation.
  3. Red; reddish.

rude, adj. [OFr ruide or L. rudis, unformed, inexperienced.]

Rough; of coarse manners; unpolished; uncivil; clownish; rustic; as, a rude countryman; rude behavior; rude treatment; a rude attack.

rudiment (-s), n. [L. rudīmentum, beginning, first < rudis, rude.]

  1. First principle; basic element; primary concept; thing that beginners learn first.
  2. Neophyte; imperfect member; one not fully formed.
  3. Rendering; allusion; echo of Biblical passages.

ruff, adj. [see rough and ruffle.]

Frill; lace collar; fine-spun border; circular white edge of a neckline.

ruffle, n. [Origin obscure, perhaps imitative.]

Drum roll; snare sound; trilling beat; military band sound; [fig.] mark of respect.