Lexicon: rumored – rush

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rumored, verbal adj. [L.]

Reported; indicated; alleged; circulating.

run, n. [see run, v.]

Glissando; stream of notes.

run (-ing, -s, ran), v. [OE.]

  1. Flee; get away; escape on foot; [fig.] pass on to heavenly glory.
  2. Continue; proceed; carry on; move rapidly; pass by steadily.
  3. Hurry; hasten; rush; go quickly.
  4. Flow; stream; course; move through a channel.
  5. Race; gallop; accelerate; move speedily; [fig.] compete; win; vie to determine the fastest one.
  6. Trot; clip; lope; move faster than walking; [fig.] pound; thump; move rhythmically.
  7. Spread; distribute; pass from one to another quickly.
  8. Happen; take place; come to pass.
  9. Say; speak; verbalize; repeat.
  10. Appear suddenly; come and go.
  11. Put; place; work; [fig.] plow.
  12. Collide; crash.
  13. Perform; function; operate.
  14. Pulse; throb; beat rapidly; [fig.] yearn; desire; hope; fill with love.
  15. Explore; journey in; travel through.
  16. Die; fade; pass away.

rune, n. [OE rún, whisper, secret counsel.]

Written character; alphabetic letter; language of the ancient Goths; message carved on bark for used in Germanic divination ceremonies; [metonymy] spell; chant; incantation; invocation.

running, n. [see run, v.]

Effort; progress; passage; attempt; endeavor; enterprise; [fig.] mortal life; fleeting existence.

rupture, n. [Fr. or L. < rumpěre, to break.]

Tear; break in the surface.

rural, adj. [Fr. or L. < rūs, country.]

Pertaining to the country, as distinguished from a city or town; suiting the country, or resembling it; as, rural scenes; etc.

rush, adj. [see rush, n1.]

Made of dry stalks; consisting of pliable woven stems.

rush (-es), n1. [Origin obscure.]

Reed-like plant; long-stemmed plant of the genus Juncus that grows near water.

rush, n2. [see rush, v.]

Flurry; stir; surge; sudden flow; rapid movement; [fig.] flush; blush; flow of color.