Lexicon: rush – rusty

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rush (-ed, -es), v. [AFr russher.]

Move forward; drive on rapidly; go forth impetuously.

russet, adj. [OFr 'red'.]

  1. Of a reddish brown color; as, a russet mantle.
  2. Coarse; homespun; rustic.

russet, n. [see russet, adj.]

Kind of apple; round reddish fruit with rough skin.

russetly, adv. [see russet, adj.]

Like fallen red leaves in autumn.

Russian, proper adj. [medieval L. < Russ. Rusi, Russia; prob. < Swedish Rossi, red.]

Northern; from the tribe of Norsemen who settled in Russia; [fig.] cold; freezing; severe; [metaphor] dressed in fur to counteract the winter weather.

rust, n. [OE.]

The oxide of a metal; a substance composed of oxygen combined with a metal, and forming a rough coat on its surface. All metals except rhodium, gold and platinum are liable to rust.

rustic (-s), n. [L. rūstic-us < rūs, the country.]

An inhabitant of the country; a clown.

rustle, v. [Imitative.]

Bustle, hustle.

rustling, n. [see rustle, v.]

A quick succession of small sounds, as a brushing among dry leaves or straw.

rusty, adj. [OE rústi, see rust, n.]

Corroded; oxidized; covered with reddish dust from oxidation; [fig.] dull; less effective.