Lexicon: readiness – reaper

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readiness, n. [see ready, adj.]

Promptness; willingness; preparedness to act; lack of reluctance.

reading, n. [see read, v.] (webplay: justice).

Recitation; utterance; vocal pronouncement.

ready, adj. [Early ME < Germanic *raið-, put in order, prepare.] (webplay: go, near, ride, sea, speech, word).

Prepared; equipped; fit; in proper condition and state of mind.

real, adj. [OFr < L. rēs, thing + -āl-em, pertaining to.] (webplay: appearance, body, fictitious, life, wine, words).

  1. Actual; tangible; truly existing; actually occurring; not imagined; proven to exist through physical perception.
  2. True; genuine; authentic; unfaked; not counterfeit.
  3. [Fig.] sure; certain; secure; safe; actually possessed.
  4. Phrase. “The Real One”: Jesus Christ; the Savior.

real, n. [see real, adj.] (webplay: appearance, fictitious, life).

Fact; truth; things actually occurring; items proven to exist through physical perception.

reality, n. [see real, adj.]

  1. Fact; truth; knowledge of the true nature of things; [fig.] realization; attainment; fulfillment of desires; actual possession.
  2. Things actually occurring; items proven to exist through physical perception.

really, adv. [see real, adj.] (webplay: scholastic, thing).

Truly; actually; in fact.

realm (-s), n. [OFr < L. rēgālis, regal, royal.] (webplay: dominions, extent, king).

  1. Kingdom; empire; domain; dominion; province; ruled territory; land conquered, controlled, and possessed.
  2. Monarchy; king; ruler; governing body; [fig.] royalty; nobility.
  3. Region; area; place; district; sphere; world; [fig.] home; usual residence.
  4. [Fig.] Earth; mortal existence; earthly possession; power in a mortal sphere.
  5. [Fig.] Heaven; mansion on high; place in the Kingdom of God.
  6. [Fig.] thing; artifact; physical object; tangible item.

reap (-'st), v. [OE ripan.] (webplay: seize, soweth).

Harvest; gather; obtain; receive; earn; get in return; gain as a reward.

reaper (-s), n. [see reap, v.]

Harvester; field worker; person who cuts grain with a sickle; farm worker who gathers ripe crops; [fig.] angel of death.