Lexicon: rebuke – receive

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rebuke (-d), v. [ONFr re-, again + bucher, beat, strike.]

  1. Chide; reprove; restrain; punish; silence; stop; put an end to.
  2. [Fig.] reject; condemn; deplore; discountenance; disapprove of; frown upon.

recall (-s), v. [L. re-, again + ME callen < ON kalla, to call, cry, shout, summon in a loud voice, name, call by name.] (webplay: back, memory).

  1. Remember; recollect; bring to mind again.
  2. Phrase. “Recall to”: remind of; not allow to forget.

recallless, adj. [ED neologism < recall + -less; see recall, v.]

Permanent; irreversible; irrevocable; which does not allow return.

recant, v. [L. recant-āre, recall, revoke < re-, again + cantāre, sing, chant.]

Retract; disavow; deny; renounce; withdraw a previous declaration.

recede (-d, -s), v. [L. re-, back from a starting point + cēdere, go.] (webplay: back, shore, tides).

Retreat; withdraw; move back; ebb away; gradually subside; fade into the distance.

receding, verbal adj. [see recede, v.]

  1. Retreating; withdrawing; moving back.
  2. Dwindling; subsiding; apparently disappearing; lessening in size or intensity; fading due to increasing distance
  3. Departing; dying; deteriorating; failing; expiring; passing away.

receipt, n. [ME < OFr < L. recipěre, receive.] (webplay: food, good, hope, partakes).

Acquisition; attainment; getting; taking; act of obtaining; [word play] recipe; list of ingredients for preparing a dish.

receipt (-ed), v. [see receipt, n.]

Meet; greet; welcome; approach; [fig.] face; confront; overtake; accost. (1634/1655)

receipted, verbal adj. [see receipt, n.] (webplay: grace).

  1. Secure; already received; [word play] documented as true; certified on paper; verified as real.
  2. Taken; [word play on “receded”] departing; dying; deteriorating; failing; expiring; fading; dwindling; subsiding; passing away.

receive (-d, -s, received, receiving), v. [OFr < L. re-, again + capěre, take.] (webplay: admit, believe, blessings, dead, faith, flower, grace, guest, holy, hope, place, seeds, spirit).

  1. Get; obtain; gain; procure; attain; achieve.
  2. Admit; allow to come in as a guest; grant entrance privileges to; [fig.] permit to enter a royal abode; allow to come into Heaven.
  3. Accept; welcome; honor; embrace; enjoy; countenance; partake of willingly.
  4. [Fig.] experience; encounter.