Lexicon: test – thankful

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test (-ed, -ing), v. [OFr< L. testārī, bear witness, give evidence, attest, make one's will.]

  1. Try; attempt; prove; live through.
  2. Experience; undergo.

testament, n. [L. testament-um.]


testify (testified), v. [L. testificāre, bear witness, proclaim.]

  1. Prophesy; demonstrate; bear witness; give evidence.
  2. Claim; assert; declare; make a statement that supports.

testing, verbal adj. [see test, v.]

Probing; proving; examining carefully.

testing, verbal n. [see test, v.]

Experiment; essay; attempt; examination; trying; experiencing; taking a sample.

tether (-ed), v. [ON tjóðr.]

Confine; contain.

text (-s), n. [Fr. 'the Scriptures, that which is woven, web, texture'.]

Liturgy; sermon; prayer book; hymn lyrics; funeral service; scripture passage.

than, conj. [OE þanne, originally same as 'then'.]

  1. [A is in a greater degree over B.]
  2. [A is preferred over B.]
  3. [Conjunctive particle that links a comparison between a greater A and a lesser B.]
  4. Over; better than; preferred above.
  5. Besides; but; except for.

thank (-s, -ed), v. [OE þancian.]

Express gratitude.

thankful, adj. [see thank, v.]

Grateful; worthy of gratitude.