Lexicon: theirs – theory

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theirs (their's), pron. [ON; third person plural possessive pronoun; see also their, them, themself, themselves, and they.]

One belonging to them; something pertaining to others.

them ('em), pron. [ME < ON þeim, 'to those; to them'; see also their, theirs, themself, themselves, and they.]

  1. [Reflexive] together; between each other; among themselves.
  2. [Third person plural objective pronoun] those people; these mortals; such individuals.
  3. [Exophoric reference; in 85/87 “them” refers to people not mentioned in the text] a specific group of people from a certain place, time, or context relevant to the poem (see John 15:16).
  4. [Contraction] the hunters; those humans.

theme (-s), n. [OFr.]

  1. Subject; topic.
  2. Occurrence; event.
  3. Person; individual; soul.
  4. Melody; tune; [fig.] sense; ambiance.
  5. Idea; concept; principle; proposition; abstract notion.

themself (themselves), pp. [OE hí, héo selfe; see also their, theirs, them, and they.]

They [limiting to that group].

then, adv. [also conj. < OE þanne.]

  1. Moreover; in addition.
  2. Yes; [of affirmation, emphasis, acceptance.]
  3. So; comparatively.
  4. Understandably; naturally; of course; on second thought.
  5. At that time.
  6. Subsequently; as a consequence.
  7. Next; after that.
  8. Phrase. “now and then”: periodically; once in a while; at one time or other.

then, pron. [dialectal form; see they, pron.]


thence, adv. [ME þannes.] (webplay: from thence).

  1. That place; there [referring back to “Paradise”.]
  2. From that state or condition [referring back to “Life” or “magical extents”.]

thenceforward, adv. [see thence, adv. + forward, adv.]

From that time on.

theology, n. [Fr. < L. < Gk.]

Gospel; creed; religion; doctrine; philosophy; scripture; system of belief; article of faith; word of God.

theory (theories), n. [L. < Gk. 'looking at, viewing, contemplation, speculation, sight, spectacle'.]

Speculation; exposition; hypothesis; conjecture; supposition; complex idea; intricate representation.