Lexicon: there – these

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there (-'ll, -'s), adv. [OE þœr.]

  1. At that place; in that location.
  2. In reality; in existence; [phatic subject construction with modal and be-verb.]
  3. Thither; to that place; [as opposed to here.]
  4. Phrase. “There is/there are”: certainly exists; [phatic subject construction with be-verb.].

thereafter, adv. [see there, adv. + after, prep.]

Later; after that moment; after that time.

thereat, adv. [see there, adv. + at, prep.]

There; at the place mentioned.

therefore, adv. [see there, adv. + fore, prep.]

Hence; thus; consequently.

therefrom, adv. [see there, adv. + from, prep.]

Thence; from this.

therein, adv. [see there, adv. + in, prep.]

In that place.

thereon, adv. [see there, adv. + on, prep.]

There; [fig.] upon it.

Thermopylae, proper n. [Gk thermos, hot + Gk pulai, gates, doors, refers to hot sulphur springs.]

Greek battle site; narrow mountain pass between Thessaly and Locris; place where a small Greek force temporarily withheld a Persian invasion in 480 B.C.; [fig.] hero; obedient warrior; memorial for soldiers; inscription that reads “go tell it to the Spartan strangers passing by, that here, obedient to their laws we lie” (see ED letters).

these, demonstrative adj. [see this, demonstrative pron.]

The ones indicated.

these, demonstrative pron. [see this, demonstrative pron.]

The ones indicated.