Lexicon: thigh – third

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thigh, n. [OE þíoh.]

Loin; hip; upper half of the leg; [fig.] lower slope of a mountain.

thill, n. [origin unknown.]

  1. Pole; staff; [fig.] path; route; track; bee-line; [metonymy] sting.
  2. Rod; shaft; means by which an animal is attached to a vehicle in order to pull it; [fig.] wheeler; shaft horse.

thimble, n. [ME þýmel.]

Metal finger cap; sheath worn over the finger to push the needle in sewing.

thin, adj. [OE þynne, to stretch.]

Malnourished; sparse; feeble; weak.

thine, adj. [OE ðín; second person singular possessive form, now archaic, poetic, or scriptural.]

Your; [belonging to the person addressed by the subject in a familiar or solemn register.]

thine, pron. [OE ðín; see thine, adj.] (webplay: common, heaven, kingdom, mightiest, own, refer, take).

Yours; [person addressed by the subject in a familiar or solemn register.]

thing (-s), n. [OE þing, assembly, council, suit, matter, thing.] (webplay: attempt, battle, cause, circumstance, come, court, days, every, falls, glory, intercede, justice, plead, press, seek, suit).

  1. Creature.
  2. Place; location.
  3. Object; unnamed entity.
  4. Detail; aspect; portion; part.
  5. Named entity; specified object.
  6. Action; activity.
  7. Event; occurrence; circumstance.

think (-ing, thought, tho't), v. [OE þync(e)an, seem, appear.] (webplay: seem).

  1. Consider; reason; deliberate; meditate; ponder.
  2. Intend; hope; plan; mean; design; have in mind.
  3. Judge; conclude; hold a settled opinion.
  4. Believe; suppose.
  5. Muse on; reminisce about; [phrase: “think of”] recollect; remember; call to mind.
  6. Phrase. “think of”: conceive; dream; imagine; fancy.

thinking, n. [see think, v.]

Imagination; cogitation; judgment; recollection.

third, adj. [OE þridda.]

Tertiary; number three in a series.