Lexicon: thought – threatening

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thought (-s), n. [OE þoht, passive participle; see think, v.] (webplay: ponder, recollection).

  1. Recollection; reflection.
  2. Idea; conception; image; something framed by the imagination.
  3. Meditation; silent contemplation; serious consideration.

thoughtful, adj. [see thought, n.]

Caring; concerned; solicitous; [fig.] thought-provoking.

thoughtfulness, n. [see thoughtful, adj.]

Anxiety; solicitude.

thousand, adj. [OE þùsend.]

Ten hundred; great number of; many more than a hundred.

thousand (-s), n. [see thousand, adj.]

Great amount; large number.

thread (-s), n. [OE threaded, thread.]

Twine; slender string; fine-spun fiber; twisted line of flax, silk, cotton or wool; single strand of material for use in sewing and weaving.

thread (-ed, -ing), v. [see thread, n.]

  1. Draw together a number of objects on a string; [fig.] gather; collect; condense; accumulate moisture in the process of condensation.
  2. Pass one end of a fiber through the eye of a needle; [fig.] guided; led to the right place; directed by the hand of God.

threadless, adj. [see thread, n.]

Pointless; random; inconsistent; without an obvious connection between successive points in a story or discussion.

threaten (-ed), v. [OE þréat-n-ian.]

  1. Accost; jostle; [fig.] attempt to blow away.
  2. Badger; bully; browbeat; harass; harry; persecute; pressure to comply; attempt to terrify; menace by predicting a severe consequence for non-compliance.
  3. Warn of impending bad weather.
  4. Endanger; imperil; challenge; jeopardize; appear ready to destroy.

threatening, verbal adj. [see threaten, v.]

Ominous; dire; inauspicious; thunderous; warning; notifying of impending bad weather.