Lexicon: talismanic – tank

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talismanic, adj. [Fr.] (webplay: stone).

Occult; magical; potent; related to a talisman.

talk, n. [see talk, v.]

  1. Discourse; communication; spoken language.
  2. Report; rumor; account; familiar conversation; subject of discourse; [fig.] chirping; series of bird calls.

talk (-ed, -s), v. [ME talkien; chatter, prattle, speak quietly; see tale, n.] (webplay: reason, speak, tell, time, wondrous).

  1. Speak; mention.
  2. Play; sound notes; make music; produce melodic noise.
  3. Chatter; prate; communicate informally.
  4. Convey ideas; exchange thoughts through speech.

tall (-er, -est), adj. [origin obscure; possibly OE 'quick, swift, prompt'.] (webplay: mountains, stretch).

  1. Lofty; soaring; towering; high in altitude.
  2. Full-length; grown up; high in stature; above average in height.
  3. Statuesque; majestic.
  4. Heavenly; beyond the earth; in the sky above; high up in the atmosphere.

tamarind, adj. [see tamarind, n.] (webplay: cooling).

Cool; shady; healthy; healing; refreshing; pertaining to the tree Tamarindus indica; fruit-bearing plant native to the East Indies, Arabia, and Egypt.

tamarind, n. [Sp., Port., It., Med. L. < Ar. tamr-hindī, date of India.] (webplay: cooling).

Fruit juice; refreshing drink; acidic liquid from the tree Tamarindus indica, valued for its restorative qualities.

tamborin, n. [Fr. 'little tambour'.]

  1. Musical instrument; small one-sided drum with loose metallic jingles on the sides.
  2. Music; melody; song; [fig.] series of bird calls.

tamper, v. [unknown, prob. < L. temperre, to beat lightly, tap; see temper, n.]

  1. Experiment; meddle; grow; be planted; become established; work with clay; mix with the soil; [word play on “tamp”] compact with earth; set firmly into the loam.
  2. Phrase. “Tamper with”: alter; modify.

tangible, adj. [L. tangibilis, that may be touched.]

Touchable; reachable; palpable; capable of being experienced; [fig.] real; objective.

tank (-s), n. [Sanskrit.]

  1. Wind; air supply; source of oxygen in the atmosphere.
  2. Reservoir; cistern; fuel receptacle; large container for liquid.