Lexicon: thrill – thronging

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thrill (-ed, -s), v. [OE þyrlian, thirl.]

  1. Exhilarate; exalt; enchant; enthral; cause to tremble with delight; [fig.] cause to hear music.
  2. Stir; shake; animate; inspire; [fig.] wake up; break open.

thrilling, verbal adj. [see thrill, v.]

  1. Stimulating; spicy; savory; zesty; delicious; delectable; pleasing to the senses of smell and taste.
  2. Exhilarating; exalting; enchanting; delightful; [fig.] melodious; pleasing to the sense of hearing.

thrive (-s), v. [ME < ON.]

Prosper; flourish; grow stronger; maintain health.

thriving, verbal adj. [see thrive, v.]

Successful; prosperous; affluent; confident; flourishing; well-situated.

thro (thro'), prep. [see through, prep.]

throat (-s), n. [OE þrote.]

  1. Gullet; stem; tube; inner cylinder; internal chamber; [fig.] blossom; colorful flower.
  2. Neck; windpipe; larynx; voice box.
  3. Voice; birdsong; [metonymy] head.
  4. Phrase. “siren throats”: [kenning] songbird.

throe, n. [ME from unknown origin.]

  1. Deep feeling; intense emotion; profound response to an experience.
  2. Spasm; paroxysm; severe contraction; torturous pain; [fig.] stroke; cerebrovascular accident.
  3. Wince; frown; grimace; cringe; flinch; [fig.] struggle; fight.

throne (-s), n. [OFr < L. < Gk 'an elevated seat'.]

  1. Rise; step; dais; terrace; elevated place; [fig.] hill; knoll; raised flower bed.
  2. Sovereignty; royalty; nobility; aristocracy; high position; status of kings and queens.
  3. Angel; lord; nobleman; sovereign; superior being.
  4. Chair of God; heavenly seat; presence of the Lord.

throng (-s), n. [ME < OE 'crowd, tumult'.]

  1. Crowd; gathering of people; [fig.] funeral procession; group of mourners.
  2. Flock of birds; multitude of creatures; [fig.] congregation of spirits; gathering of saints.
  3. Majority; quorum; [fig.] omnipresence; significance; meaning.
  4. Bouquet; nosegay; posy; garland; [fig.] garden.
  5. Mass; large quantity.

thronging, verbal adj. [see throng, n.]

Crowded; preoccupied; anxious; nervous; worried; troubled; panicking; over-taxed; filled with many conflicting thoughts.