Lexicon: through – thumb

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through, adv. [OE.]

  1. Done; finished; terminated; from beginning to end.
  2. From one side to the other.

through (thro, thro'), prep. [OE.]

  1. By way of.
  2. Because of; by means of.
  3. Into and beyond.
  4. Out of.

throughout, prep. [OE; see through + out.]

  1. In every place of; in all parts of.
  2. In every moment of; from the beginning to the end of.

throw, n. [OE þráwan, to turn, twist.]

Toss; pitch; casting of dice; [fig.] chance; gamble; risk; uncertain venture.

throw (threw, thrown), v. [OE þráwan, to turn, twist.]

  1. Hurl; bury; cast down; project into.
  2. Fling; cast up; extend upward.
  3. Toss; deliver; set out; put down.
  4. Propel; push forcefully.
  5. Blow; send with great power.
  6. Yield; [fig.] offer a welcome.
  7. Phrase. “throw away”: eliminate; annihilate; toss out; dispose of; get rid of.

thrown, v. [see throw, v.]

thrum, v. [Echoic; NW says < D. trom, a drum.]

Strum; sound; beat with a rhythm; play a stringed instrument; [fig.] rap; bump; knock; make a noise by moving against a surface.

thrust, n. [see thrust, v.]

Jab; prod; rush; stab; lunge; push forward; forceful movement; act of violence; blow with a sword; drive with a pointed weapon; [fig.] attack; assault; onslaught.

thrust, v. [ME < ON þrusten, to thrust, press, compress, force.]

Toss; throw; cast; hurl; [fig.] assign as work; designate as duty.

thumb, n. [OE þúma.]

Thick first finger; shorter opposable digit on a human hand; [fig.] punishment; attack; pressure; physical blow.