Lexicon: thunder – tick

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thunder (-s, -'s), n. [OE þunor, to stretch, resound.]

  1. Impact; roar; shock; reverberation; [fig.] intense emotion; profound feelings.
  2. Sound after lightning; booming noise after an electric discharge.

thunderbolt, n. [OE.]

Shaft; flash; brilliant electrical charge; jagged lightning strike with its booming sound; [fig.] shock; stunning thought; dazing realization; dazzling recognition.

thus, adv. [Old Saxon.]

So; in this manner; in that way; by such means.

thwart (-ed), v. [ME þwert, across.]

Cross; oppose; frustrate; hinder; impede; obstruct; limit the progress of.

thy, pron. [Early ME þi, reduced form of þin, thine; see thou, pron. and thee, pron.]

  1. Your; [anaphoric reference; in 85/87 “thy” refers back to “Jesus” in the text].
  2. Your; that thou hast; [genitive form of “thou”; possessive adjective determiner.]

thyme, n. [F. < L. < Gk; see by-thyme, n.]

Aromatic herb; pungent garden plant; spicy garnish for a meal; [word play on “time”] era; time period; [fig.] poem; metrical language.

thyself, pron. [OE þé; see thy and self.]

  1. You, emphatically; even you.
  2. Your soul; your being; your essence; your influence.
  3. Yourself; you.

tiara (-s), n. [L. tiāra, the papal crown.]

Richly jeweled ornament that ladies wear in their hair; [fig.] fascicle; booklet; selection of poems.

tick, n. [Du.]

Click; noise of a timepiece; tiny quick sound that marks the passing of a second in time.

tick (-ed, -ing), v. [Du.]

  1. Mark the passage of a second; make a sound to indicate the passing of a moment in time; [fig.] beat; pulse; maintain the heart's pumping of blood.
  2. Move; mark time; [fig.] breathe; be mortal; have a heartbeat.