Lexicon: ticket – tight

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ticket (-s), n. [Fr. etiquet, little note.]

  1. Receipt; passage; entrance paper to travel on a vehicle.
  2. Admission paper for an event.

ticking, n. [Du.]

Noise of a timepiece; tiny quick sound that marks the passing of a second in time.

tide (-s -'s), n. [OE tid, time.]

  1. Sea; ocean waves; large expanse of salt water on the surface of planet Earth.
  2. Surge; billow; wave; waterfront; edge of the water; place where water meets land; [fig.] flood; flow of life-sustaining influences; place where heaven meets earth.
  3. Hour; time; twelve-hour period; [fig.] final out-pouring of light; atmospheric conditions at sunset; sunset display of colors and forms.
  4. Stream; current; [fig.] spiritual influence; pull of death into the next life.
  5. Ebb and flow; flux and reflux; twice daily lunar pull on terrestrial bodies of water; regular back and forth gravitational pull on a body of water.

tiding (-s), n. [see tide, n.]

News; alarm; warning signal.

tidy, adj. [see tide, n.]

Cleanly; orderly; neat; [fig.] brisk; refreshing; steady; thorough.

tie, n. [OE.]

  1. Attachment; bond; alliance; [fig.] promise; troth; plight; friendship.
  2. Connection; relationship; link; [fig.] stake; interest in common; reason for living.

tie (-d), v. [OE 'bind'.]

  1. Attach; fasten; secure.
  2. Put on.
  3. Hold by a rope; restrict to one place; [fig.] constrain; restrain; capture; hold by force.

tier, n. [Fr. tire, suite, sequence, range, order.]

Layer; structural level; latest stage; most recent grade.

tiger, n. [OFr tigre.]

  1. Wild animal in the cat family.
  2. Large feline predator with a striped tawny hide.

tight (-er, -est), adj. [ON þéhtr.]

  1. Securely locked; firmly shut.
  2. Snug; close; taut; next to the skin.
  3. Constrained; restricted; curtailed; reduced; decreased amount of oxygen in.