Lexicon: time – tinge

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time (-s, -'s), n. [OE tima.] (webplay: absolute, age, application, believe, clock, come, common, day, distinct, dull, equal, eternity, event, found, future, God, good, head, hour, life, lost, measure, month, music, past, present, process, relative, season, sound, spend, sprit, sun, temple, treble).

  1. The normal course of events; the passing of minutes and hours, days and years.
  2. Occasion; moment.
  3. Particular hour; specific duration; reading of the clock.
  4. Mortality; life.
  5. Reiteration; opportunity; repetition of a similar opportunity.
  6. A long enough period; sufficient duration of minutes, hours, etc.
  7. Period; duration.
  8. The proper moment; an appropriate occasion; the correct moment; an acceptable occasion.
  9. Season; month of the year.
  10. The present; the current moment.
  11. Instance; occurrence.
  12. Opportunity.
  13. Measure of linear temporality; measure of the passing of minutes and hours.
  14. Phrase “in time”: sufficiently early.
  15. Phrase “at a time”: at once; together.
  16. Phrase “all the time”: always; at every moment.

timid, adj. [L. timid-us, fear.] (webplay: triumph).

  1. Trembling; shaking.
  2. Grave; solemn; frightening.
  3. Humble; meek.
  4. Shy; hesitant; uncertain; not bold.

timid, adv. [see timid, adj.]

Softly; humbly; meekly; not boldly; without pride.

timidity, n. [L. timiditās.] (webplay: bold).

Fearfulness; anxiety; trepidation.

timidly, adv. [see timid, adj.]

Humbly; quietly; meekly.

timidness, n. [see timidity, n.]

Humility; meekness; anxiety; trepidation.

tincture (-ed), n. [L. tinctūra, a dyeing, tinging.]

Dye; color; hue; tinge; tint; drop of stain; [fig.] hint; touch.

tincture (-d), v. [see tincture, n.]

Color; stain; mark with dye; [fig.] characterize; give a quality to.

tinder, n. [OE tynder, to kindle.]

  1. Kindling; flammable stuff; combustible material; fuel for fire.
  2. Energy; ignition; life force; [fig.] potential; possibility.

tinge, n. [L. ting-ěre, to dye, color.]

Tincture; shade; tint; bit of tone; slight hint of color; [fig.] small bit; tiny portion.