Lexicon: tingle – tiptoe

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tingle (-s), v. [mod. < tinkle, v.]

  1. Thrill; chill; prickle; stimulate.
  2. Stimulate; cause sensation by subtle motion.

tinsel, adj. [OFr < L. 'sparkle, glitter'.]

Shiny; glossy; lustrous; glistening; twinkling; [fig.] icy; frosty; frozen.

tint, n. [L. tinct-us, a dyeing.]

  1. Autumn color; [fig.] fallen leaves.
  2. Hue; tinge; tint; tone; [fig.] blush; touch of color in the countenance.

tint (-ing, -s), v. [see tint, n.]

  1. Tinge; paint; varnish; wash with color; [fig.] imbue; suffuse temporarily with sunset light.
  2. Grow; appear; provide color.
  3. Adorn; decorate with color.
  4. Enlighten; influence; make an impression on.

tiny, adj. [origin unknown.]

Little; small; minute; miniature.

tip (-ed, -s), v. [ME tippe, to strike, poke or touch smartly or lightly.]

  1. Waver; stagger; lean; move unsteadily.
  2. Adorn; decorate; grace; embellish; ornament.
  3. Show; release; reveal; disseminate; share; spread; circulate.
  4. Tilt; dip; slant; incline; move downward.

tippet, n. [poss. OE tæpped, carpet, hanging.]

  1. Scarf; fur stole; cover for the shoulders, with long ends that hang in front.
  2. Cape; shawl; cloak; small mantle; short fur coat; narrow garment to keep the neck warm; [fig.] person who has winter apparel.

tippler, n. [Du.]

Sot; drunkard; one who is habitually intoxicated with alcoholic beverages; [fig.] connoisseur; lover of beauty; devotee of nature.

tiptoe, n. [tip, n. + toe, n.]

  1. Stretching out of feet; extension of the legs in order to reach as far as possible; [fig.] position of crucifixion with the body stretched out and the feet nailed to the cross.
  2. Phrase. “on tiptoe”: reaching as high as possible; standing up on the top of the feet to make oneself as tall as possible.

tiptoe (-d), v. [see tiptoe, n.]

Step lightly; walk softly on the tips of the toes so as to not make noise; [fig.] slip quietly away from this life to the next.