Lexicon: tire – to

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tire, v. [OE tíorian.]

Weary of; become bored with.

tired, verbal adj. [see tire, v.]

  1. Weary; exhausted; worn-out.
  2. Sleepy; drowsy; somnolent; [fig.] deceased; departed from mortality; dead to this life.
  3. Slowing down; losing energy; needing rest; [fig.] ageing.
  4. Wintry; darkening; shorter; having less light and warmth; later in the season.
  5. Careworn; drained emotionally.
  6. Phrase. “get tired of”: become bored with.

tis ('tis), v. [see it, pron., and is, v.]

It is [contracted form always preceded by an apostrophe in Dickinson's poems, but we cannot alphabetize words that begin with punctuation.]

tis'nt ('tis'nt), v. [see tis + not, adv.]

It is not [contracted form always preceded by an apostrophe in Dickinson's poems, but we cannot alphabetize words that begin with punctuation.]

tissue (-s), n. [OFr.]

  1. Flesh; muscles, tendons, sinews, organs, bones, and other body structures.
  2. Gauze; delicate textile; sheer flowing fabric; cloth that has figures woven with gold, silver, or other colors; [fig.] golden sky at dusk; subtle sunset colors in the western sky.

Titanic, adj. [Gk. τιτανικ-ός, the Titans.]

Gigantic; colossal; tremendous; larger than life; like that of Prometheus, a Titan who was punishing for giving fire to humans; [fig.] exceptional; extraordinary; [metaphor] intense; extreme; excruciating; tortuous.

Titian, proper n. [It. > L. surname Titianus.]

Tiziano Vecellio (1490-1576); Venetian painter; 16th century portrait artist; [fig.] one who realizes limitations in being able to express the beauty of the world.

title, n. [OFr superscription.]

  1. Denomination; designation; written claim; appellation of royalty, nobility, or privilege; (see John 19:19-20); [fig.] inscription; writing; poetry.
  2. Surname; [fig.] covenant; promise of future blessings; [metaphor] betrothal; troth; engagement; espousal; pledge of fidelity; plight of true love.
  3. Name for a book.
  4. Deed; entitlement; proof of ownership; inherited family name and property; [fig.] last ill and testament.
  5. Identity; moniker; given name.
  6. Phrase. “Title Deed”: charter; inscription; official document; legal paper that authenticates a claim.

title (-d), v. [see title, n.]

  1. Christened; nominated; given a name; [fig.] elected; chosen; set apart from the world; [metaphor] baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
  2. Promised; entitled; qualified.

to, prep. [OE.]

  1. [Infinitive marker] with the purpose of.
  2. For the benefit of.
  3. [Denoting motion towards a place or thing] towards; in the direction of.
  4. In; arriving at.