Lexicon: toad – toilette

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toad (-s), n. [OE.]

Jumping amphibian; frog-like animal; creature that lives in water and on land; [fig.] non-human being; lower form of life.

Toby (-'s), proper n. [Gk Tobias > Heb. Tobiyah, God is good.]

Kitty; pussy; gray and white cat of the Dickinson family; (see ED's letters and Sir Toby Belch in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night).

today (-'s, to-day), adv. [OE tódæg.]

  1. This day; during the current twenty-four hour period.
  2. Now; at present; at this moment.
  3. Soon; not very long from now.
  4. On such a day.
  5. On this date.
  6. From now on; from this time forward; (see Luke 23:43).

today (-'s), n. [see today, adv.]

  1. Mortality.
  2. Now; the present; the current day.

toddle (-d), v. [Scotch todle.]

Totter; waddle; move unsteadily.

toe (-s), n. [OE .]

  1. One of ten little foot digits; five small rounded appendages on the front edge of a human being's two feet.
  2. Vehicle; means of moving away; [metonymy] feet; [metaphor] wing.
  3. Claw; small appendage at the end of the foot; [fig.] flash; stroke; zigzag slash of light; visible electrical charge to the ground.

together, adv. [OE tógœdere.] marriage; in

  1. In cooperation; in contact with each other.
  2. Both; dually; in collaboration.
  3. In unison; as a pair; accompanying each other; the two of them.
  4. Simultaneously; concurrently; as a group; in one another's company; in the same situation; having a similar fate; at the same time and place.
  5. Adjacent; contiguous; in juxtaposition; next to each other.
  6. As one; in union; with the same motives, purposes, desires, thoughts, intents, etc.

toil (-s), n. [AFr dispute, contention, forensic strife.]

  1. Labor; effort; [fig.] mortality; earthly cares; this life's troubles, tests, worries, etc.
  2. Work; function; operation; routine.
  3. Task; job; chore; duty.
  4. Business; occupation; career.
  5. Drudgery; a grind; hard work.
  6. Exertion; sweat; travail.
  7. Profession; [fig.] opera.

toil (-ed, -ing), v. [AFr to strive, dispute, wrangle.]

  1. Phrase. “toiling at”: working on; [fig.] warming; heating up; shining upon.
  2. Phrase. “toil for”: work towards; labor for the cause of; [fig.] profess; defend; speak up about.

toilette, n. [Fr. 'little cloth'.]

  1. Grooming; dressing; change of attire; preparing for social appearances.
  2. Phrase. “make one's toilette”: get dressed; groom one's appearance; prepare oneself to be fit for social relations.