Lexicon: tankard – tare

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tankard (-s), n. [Middle Dutch.]

  1. Pewter jug; drinking cup; mug with a lid; container for drinking beer.
  2. Vat; tub; vessel.

tantalize, v. [Gk. 'Tantalus'.]

Allure; beguile; captivate; charm; entice; tempt; excite the imagination; cast a spell on; promise something out of reach.

tantalizing, verbal adj. [see tantalize, v.]

Teasing; tormenting; tempting with the unattainable.

tantamount, n. [AFr tant amunter, amount to as much.]

Equal; equivalent in value; same in signification; sum and substance.

tap (tapped), v. [OE tæppian, plug.]

  1. Knock; strike lightly; rap on the door.
  2. Nudge; stir; touch gently; [fig.] rouse; cause to rise; call to awaken.

taper, n. [OE tapur, wick of a candle.]

Small light; slender wax candle.

tapestry (tapestries), n. [Fr.]

  1. Veil; curtain; mantle.
  2. Fabric; framework; handiwork; intricate weaving; finely-detailed material; colorful cloth with painted pictures; [fig.] investiture; royal clothing; robe for coronation.
  3. Textile; drapery; wall hanging; woven silk; canvas with embroidered designs.

tar, n. [OE teru.]

Pitch; black pine resin; resinous substance that comes from the burning of fir trees; thick impervious fire-proof liquid used for coating the ropes and sails of a ship; [word play] sailor; [metonymy] tarpaulin; canvas; water-proofed clothes of a seafarer; [metaphor] pall; funeral shroud.

tardy, adj. [Fr. < L. 'slow'.] (webplay: late).

  1. Overdue; too late; not arriving soon enough.
  2. Sluggish; slack; belated; dilatory; lagging; not punctual; not on time; slow to act.

tare, n. [origin unknown.]

Weed; false grain; bearded darnel; cheat grass; bothersome, useless, unwelcome, or invasive plant; [fig.] trespasser; intruder; unrighteous person; one who inhibits the growth of others (see Matthew 13:30).