Lexicon: toilsome – tomorrow

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toilsome, adj. [see toil, n.]

Tiresome; tedious; weary; monotonous; dreary.

token, n. [OE tácen, to show.]

Phrase. “in token of”: in memory of; as a gesture of; as a sign of; as a symbol for; as a keepsake, souvenir, or remembrance of; [fig.] as attestation of; as written evidence of; as poetic documentation of.

told, v. [see tell, v.]

tolerate (-s), v. [Fr. tolérer, to bear, endure.]

Abide; be patient; put up with.

toll, n. [OE place of custom, toll-house.]

Tax; assessment.

toll (-ing), v. [ME tollen.]

Ring; peal; resound; reverberate; make a funereal noise.

tomb (-s), n. [ME toumbe, sepulchral mound.]

  1. Grave; mausoleum; burial chamber.
  2. Gravestone; marble headstone; cold hard motionless memorial monument.
  3. Cemetery plot; [metonymy] graveyard; [metaphor] funeral ceremony; burial service; death procession.
  4. Sepulcher; crypt hewn out of stone; [fig.] the effects of death (see Matthew 27:57-60).
  5. Death; time when life ends; [fig.] winter; season when living things go dormant.

tome (-s), n. [Fr. volume, section of a book.]

Book; volume; opus; lengthy poetic composition; literary work by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, such as Aurora Leigh.

tomorrow, adv. [ME to + morwen.]

During the next twenty-four hour period.

tomorrow, n. [see tomorrow, adv.]

  1. Potential; possibility; that which is not yet experienced.
  2. Day after today; the next twenty-four hour period.
  3. Future; consequence.