Lexicon: ton – tooth

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ton, n. [OE tunne, a cask; see tun, n.]

Heavy load; huge weight; mass of 2,000 pounds; [fig.] burden; unbearable grief; immense sorrow.

tone, n. [OF ton, stretching, quality of sound, tone, accent, tone in painting.]

  1. Timbre; resonance; sonority; vibrancy; quality of sound.
  2. Sound; [fig.] chirp; warble; trill; bird song.
  3. Strain; tenor; auditory impression; [word play on “tune”] dirge; lament; requiem; threnody.

tongue (-s), n. [OE tunge.]

  1. Language; speech; verbal expression; mode of speaking.
  2. Fleshy, muscular organ in the mouth used to articulate speech sounds.
  3. Instrument of taste in the mouth.
  4. Clapper; ringer; thin piece of metal that hangs inside the center of a bell; vibrator that strikes the body of a bell and causes it to ring.
  5. Voice; [fig.] gurgling; bubbling noise; sound of water flowing over rocks.
  6. Thin forked sensory organ; instrument of tactile sensation.
  7. Power of speech; ability to communicate verbally.

tongueless, adj. [see tongue, n.]

Dumb; lacking an organ for articulating speech sounds; [fig.] silent; speechless; incapable of verbal expression.

tonic, n. [Gk. τονικ-ός, of or for stretching.]

Strong medicine; dose of unpleasant liquid; drug for restoring the health; [word play] sharp sound; brash musical tone; keynote that causes tension in a vocal line.

tonight, adv. [OE tó niht.]

  1. Presently; quickly; straightway; immediately; right away; without delay; not letting another day pass.
  2. Now; at present.
  3. This evening; during the current sundown.

too, adv. [see to, prep.]

  1. [Intensifier] very; overly; excessively.
  2. Additionally; further; in addition.
  3. Also; as well; like others.

took, v. [see take, v.]

tool (-s), n. [OE tól, to prepare, make.]

  1. Home invasion implement, such as a crowbar.
  2. Carpentry instrument, such as hammer, compass; square, ruler, etc.; [metaphor] servant; someone who will help build the Kingdom of God; person willing to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord.

tooth, n. [OE tóþ.]

  1. Edge; sharpness; biting feeling; gnawing sensation; [fig.] remorse; reproach.
  2. Instruments for chewing; little hard bones in the mouth.
  3. Phrase. “Garnet Tooth”: explosion; volcanic eruption; [kenning] flames; fire; lava.