Lexicon: top – torture

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top (-s), n. [OE 'tuft of hair'.]

  1. Ridge; crest; high ground.
  2. Surface; outer layer; upper edge.
  3. Summit; peak; pinnacle; acme; apex; climax; culmination; highest point; [fig.] heart's desire; beloved one; true love.
  4. Phrase. “the Top”: success; excellence; highest rank; superlative achievement.

topaz, n. [ME < OFr < L. < Sanskrit 'heat, fire'.]

  1. Yellow chrysolite; tawny-colored gem stone.
  2. Golden fabric; yellow material; [fig.] fullness of morning light.
  3. Bright yellow flower; [possibly] sunflower.

topography, n. [L. topographia.]

Orientation; survey; plotting; map-making; charting of place; detailed description of locality.

tore, v. [see tear, v.]

torment, n. [ME tor-, something operated by twisting.]

  1. Torture; dismemberment; [fig.] excruciating pain.
  2. Suffering; passion; sublimity; intensity; sense of exquisite emotion.
  3. Agony; anguish; grief.

torn, verbal adj. [see tear, v.]

Broken; not whole; reduced to shreds; [fig.] emotionally wounded.

torrent (-s), n. [Fr. burning, boiling, rushing, impetuous.]

Deluge; raging flood; violent stream; tumultuous flow.

torrid, adj. [L. torrēre, to dry with heat.]

Scorching; hot and dry; burning with heat; parched with lack of humidity; having intensely high temperatures.

tortoise, n. [L.]

Land-dwelling turtle; four-footed reptile whose skin is covered by a shell.

torture, v. [Fr. twisting, wreathing; torment, torture.]

Hurt; torment; afflict grievously.