Lexicon: toward – tract

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toward, prep. [OE tóweard.] (webplay: docility, eye, near).

  1. In; in reference to; compared with.
  2. To; closer to; in the direction of.
  3. Approaching; heading to; facing.
  4. Against.
  5. To; for; with.

towering, adv. [OE torr + -ing.] (webplay: high).

Loftily; extremely; unattainably; in an elevated manner.

town (-s), n. [OE tuun.]

  1. Village; hamlet; community; small settlement; cluster of homes.
  2. Civilization; habitations; populated places; settled areas; a group of homes.
  3. Parish; ward; inhabited location; [fig.] paradise; spirit world for those awaiting the resurrection from the dead.
  4. Enclosure; field; garden; hedge; yard; walled place; [fig.] season; winter.
  5. Domain; domicile; manor; territory; [fig.] kingdom.
  6. Land; upper shore; high beach.
  7. Homestead; residence; destination; place of origin.
  8. Crossroads; [fig.] cemetery; graveyard; burial ground.
  9. Society; urban district; hub of business interaction; place of social gathering.
  10. Fortification; row of houses; cluster of buildings; [fig.] horizon; sunset.
  11. Phrase. “Out of town”: gone; not at home; [fig.] dormant; inactive in the growing cycle; not blooming for the season.

toy (-s), n. [etymology unknown.] (webplay: children, gold, stay).

Child's plaything; thing for amusement with no real value.

toy (-ed), v. [see toy, n.]

Play; trifle.

trace, n. [Fr. trace.]

Remains; mark left behind; sign of former existence.

trace (-d, -ing), v. [ME trace-n.] (webplay: passing, seen, track).

  1. Draw; outline; mark out.
  2. Follow; discern; ascertain; perceive; understand.
  3. Sew; follow with stitches.

track (-s), n. [OFr trac.] (webplay: foot, passed, road, stepping, trace).

  1. Footprints; set of footsteps; trace of passing; marks left behind when one walks on a path; evidence of passing over the ground in a certain direction.
  2. Way; trail.
  3. Entity; [word play on “tract”]: area; zone; territory.
  4. Rail; metal path of a train; [fig.] course; line.
  5. Direction; mode of departure.

trackless, adj. [see track, n.]

Untrod; without a trace; not marked by footprints.

tract (-s), n. [L. tractatus.]

  1. Essence; continuity; extent.
  2. Region; area; expanse.