Lexicon: trait – trans

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trait (-s), n. [Fr. trait, draught, stroke, touch, line.]

  1. Ability; capacity.
  2. Quality; characteristic; attribute.
  3. Heredity; right of birth.
  4. Good quality; desirable characteristic.

traitor, n. [OFr traitre, traitor, betrayer.] (webplay: country).

Disloyal one; betrayer of trust; violator of allegiance; [fig.] pest; menace; gadfly; stinger.

tramp, n. [ME trampe-n.]

Vagrant; wanderer; homeless person.

tramp, v. [see tramp, n.]

Wander; travel; stroll.

trampled, verbal adj. [ME.]

Down-trodden; crushed under the foot of others; [fig] oppressed; persecuted (see Matthew 7:6).

trance, n. [Fr. trance, passage from life to death.]

  1. Ecstasy; vision.
  2. Unconsciousness; forgetting; transcendence; oblivion to reality.

tranquil, adj. [L. tranquillus, quiet.] (webplay: conscious, mind).

Peaceful; calm; undisturbed; not agitated.

tranquility, n. [Fr. tranquillité.]

Quietness; calmness; freedom from agitation.

tranquilly (tranquiller), adv. [see tranquil, adj.]

Calmly; peacefully.

trans, n. [L. trans, on the further side of, beyond.]