Lexicon: transit – transplant

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transit, v. [L. 'pass away'; see sic, adv.]

transition (-s), n. [L. transition-em.]

Progress; improvement; advancement.

transitive, adj. [L. transitivus.]

  1. Restless; inconstant; continually changing.
  2. Fleeting; short-lived; quickly passing.

transitive, n. [see transitive, adj.]

  1. Transition; power to signal change.
  2. Ephemeral status; fleeting quality of mortality; transition from life to death.

translated, verbal adj. [L. translat-us + -ed.]

Conveyed out of mortality; removed to heaven.

translation, n. [OFr, a transporting, translation.]

Rendering in another language; [fig.] transport to heaven without death; [metaphor] immortality; removal to a celestial domain.

transmigration, n. [late L. transmigration-em, change of country.]

Transition; passage to another state or place.

transmute (-d), v. [L. Trans- + mutare, to change.]

Change; transform; alter.

transpire (transpiring), v. [Fr. < L. trans- + spirare, to breathe.]

Happen; occur; take place.

transplant (-ed), v. [L. Trans- + plantare.]

Relocate; move; remove; plant in another place.