Lexicon: transport – traverse

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transport (-s, -'s), n. [L. transportus, transferral.]

  1. Rapture; ecstasy; joy; intense emotion.
  2. Brilliance; radiance; brightness.
  3. Conveyance; carrying from one place to another.
  4. Ship or vessel used for carrying things from one place to another.
  5. Leisure; respite; relaxation.

transport (-ed), v. [see transport, n.]

  1. Convey; carry from one place to another; [fig.] enrapture; bear away the soul in ecstasy.
  2. Move emotionally; fill with intense feeling.

transporting, adv. [see transport, v.]

Delightfully; captivatingly; rapturously.

transporting, verbal adj. [see transport, v.]

  1. Carrying to another place; [fig.] transcendent; soul-changing; transforming; emotionally moving; [metaphor] capable of conveying the soul to heaven.
  2. Delightful; joyous; rapturous; filled with ecstasy.

trap (-s), n. [OE treppe.]

Stratagem; snare; gin; any device for capturing humans or animals by surprise.

travel (-s), n. [OFr travail, suffering or painful effort.]

Action of journeying; movement from one place to another.

travel (-led, -ing, ling, -s), v. [ME travill-en.]

  1. Go; move from place to place.
  2. Go by foot; make a journey.
  3. Phrase. “Travel on”: Ride; be conveyed by.

travelled, verbal adj. [see travel, v.]

Migrating; making regular journeys; having gone to many places.

traveller (traveler, -s, -'s), n. [see travel, v.]

  1. Pilgrim; [fig.] one who has died.
  2. Companion; associate; [fig.] mourner.
  3. Walker; pedestrian; sojourner; one who goes by foot.
  4. Pioneer; [fig.] lovers.
  5. Passenger; rider.
  6. Wayfarer; one who makes journeys; person who goes from place to place.

traverse, n. [OFr travers.]

Way; path; passage; bridge; thing built for crossing.