Lexicon: target – tatter

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target, n. [Fr.]

  1. Prey; quarry; focus of a hunt; [fig.] aim; subject; objective.
  2. Mark; bull's-eye; shield-like structure for archery; board marked with concentric circles, set up to be aimed at in shooting practice; [fig.] end; execution; killing blow; capital punishment.

tarnish (-ed), v. [Fr. terne, dull, dark.]

Become dull; dim the luster of; discolor a metallic surface by oxidation; [fig.] spoil; wither; cause to fade.

tarry (tarried), v. [origin unknown.] (webplay: stay, stop).

Linger; loiter; lag behind; wait before doing something.

tarrying, verbal n. [see tarry, v.]

Lingering; staying behind; waiting around.

task, n. [OFr < L. taxāre, to rate, estimate, value.]

  1. Chore; job; employment; housework; household duty; domestic action.
  2. Work; assignment; role; duty; responsibility; something that has to be done.

tassel (-s), n. [OFr < L. 'the collar of a cloak, a label'.] (webplay: hem).

Bunch of threads; pendant ornament; decoration attached to the corners of cushions; small cords hanging in a conical shape from a solid rounded knob or from a knot formed by their junction with a cord.

taste, n. [see taste, v.]

Discernment; quality; preference; desire.

taste (-d, tasting, -s), v. [OFr 'touch, trial'.]

  1. Drink; sip; imbibe; [fig.] sample; experience.
  2. Eat; consume; partake; savor; [fig.] know.

tasteless, adj. [see taste, v.]

Without flavor; insipid; unappetizing.

tatter (-s), n. [see tattered, adj.]

Rag; strip; shred; irregularly torn piece of a garment; scrap of cloth hanging loose from the main body.