Lexicon: traverse – trembling

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traverse (-d, -ing, -s), v. [F. traverser, cross, thwart.]

  1. Pass over to view.
  2. Move forward across.

tread (-ing, trod, trodden), v. [OE tredan.]

  1. Step; go.
  2. Walk in a stately fashion.
  3. Phrase. “Tread on”: trample; step on.
  4. Phrase. “Tread out”: crush; trample; obliterate.

treason, n. [AFr treysoun.]

  1. Perfidy; act of betraying; attempt to overthrow the authority; subversion against one to whom allegiance is owed.
  2. Disloyalty; infidelity.
  3. Disclosure; revelation that betrays identity.
  4. Treachery; deception.

treasure (-s), n. [OFr tresor.]

  1. Valuable entity; [fig.] the dead.
  2. Secret prize; something hidden.
  3. Riches; precious possessions; highly valued thing.

treat (-ed), v. [OFr tretir, to drag.]

Behave toward.

treatise, n. [AFr tretiz.]

Tract; written work that discusses the principles of a particular subject.

treble, n. [OFr treble.]

Female chorus; soprano section; high voices in a choir; shrillest part of a musical performance.

tree (-s), n. [OE tréow.]

  1. Large perennial plant having a self-supporting woody main stem or trunk; plant which develops woody branches at some distance from the ground; plant that grows to a considerable height and size; plant distinguished from a bush or shrub by size and manner of growth; [allusion to the “Tree of Love”]: courtship opportunity.
  2. Fruit-producing plant, cultivated in gardens and orchards.
  3. Coniferous plant; cone-bearing plant useful for timber or fuel; evergreen used as a Christmas symbol.
  4. Perch; nest; [fig.] planet Earth as seen from heaven.
  5. Deterrent; hindrance; stumbling block.
  6. Heaven; something out of reach.
  7. Crucifix; cross on which Christ was crucified (see Acts 10:39).
  8. Something resembling a tree; diagram that has a stem and branches for genealogical information.
  9. Bay; [fig.] grave site of a hero.
  10. Life.

tremble (-ing), v. [Fr.]

  1. Move; shift; vibrate.
  2. Shake with fear; shiver with timidity; quiver with anticipation.

trembling, verbal adj. [see tremble, v.]

  1. Frightened; fearful; trepid; timorous; nervous; anxious; tremulous; hand-quivering.
  2. Shimmering; vibrating with light.