Lexicon: tremblingly – tribe

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tremblingly, adv. [see tremble, v.]

Shakily; nervously; in a tremulous manner; [fig.] respectfully; reverently; with a shiver of anticipation.

tremendous, adj. [L. tremend-us, fearful, dreadful.]

  1. Terrible; violent; invoking great fear.
  2. Awe-inspiring; venerable; prestigious; dominating; ascendant; upward-sloping [fig.] enormous; gigantic.

tremendousness, n. [see tremendous, v.]

Terror; dread; [amelioration] vastness; immensity; universality; enormous power; massive force; [metaphor] infinity; omnipresence; divinity; Deity.

tremor, n. [ME tremour, fear, terror.]

  1. Quavering; modulation of speech sound.
  2. Shiver; tremor; shaking; tremulous movement.

tremulous, adv. [L. tremul-us, trembling, shaking.]

Quiveringly; with trembling; characterized by vibration; [fig.] delicately; gently; [metaphor] breezily; with sighs; with soft breaths; with subtle currents of air.

trench, n. [OFr trenche, cut, gash.]

Ditch; channel; defense dugout; wall formed by digging a trench; [fig.] fortification.

trepidation, n. [L. trepidātion-em.]

Trembling; terror; fear.

tress, n. [Fr. tresse, plait or braid of hair.]

Knot; braid; twist; lock; hairdo; hair style; curl of hair.

tri, adj. [L. < Gk.; prefix signifying three.]

Triple; three-fold; in three ways.

tribe (-s), n. [ME tribu.]

  1. Clan; extended family; group of people; relatives who live together; those who share common traditions, ancestors, and homelands; [fig.] family groups in a cemetery plot.
  2. House of Israel (see Exodus 16:31); twelve family groups that descended from the patriarch Jacob and his wives (see Genesis 49).