Lexicon: trillion – triumph

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trillion, adj. [Fr. trillion.]

One million raised to the third power; 1,000,0003; [fig.] very many; a countless number of.

trinket (-s), n. [Origin uncertain.]

  1. Small ornament; piece of jewelry.
  2. Implement; gear; mechanism; piece of equipment; tackle of an occupation.

trip (-s), n. [see trip, v.]

Jaunt; short journey.

trip (-ped, -ping), v. [OFr treper, strike the ground with the foot in sign of joy or of impatience, leap, dance, trample.]

  1. Dance; step quickly; move lightly; [fig.] change rapidly in color, form, size, etc.
  2. Stumble; falter; slip up; lose one's foothold.

triple, adj. [Fr. 'threefold'.]

Three-fold; containing three items; consisting of three things combined.

triplet (-s), n. [Fr.]

Trio; tercet; [music] three notes played as two.

Tripoli, proper n. [Fr. < Gk treis, three + polis, town.]

Capital city of Libya; North African battle site; nineteenth-century stronghold of pirates and Turks in the Barbary States; place of American naval victory in the Mediterranean region (1801-1805); [fig.] freedom; liberty; abolishment of slavery; (see ED letters).

trite (-st), adj. [L. trītus.]

Common; ordinary; obvious; well-known.

triumph (-s), n. [OFr triumphe.] (webplay: coronation, heads, procession, victory, laurel, vanquish).

  1. Music for a ceremony performed in honor of a hero, originally crowned with laurel in ancient Rome; [fig.] chorus that accompanies the entrance of a mortal into heaven.
  2. Elation; rapture.
  3. Victory; conquest.
  4. Joy; exultation for success.
  5. Celebration; pomp.

triumph (-ed), v. [OFr triumpher < L.]

  1. Flourish; be prosperous.
  2. Obtain victory.