Lexicon: trumpet – tube

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trumpet (-s), n. [Fr.]

  1. Cornet; brass instrument for patriotic music or civic ceremonies.
  2. Sounding of a horn; playing of an instrument to announce the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the resurrection of the dead; (see 1 Corinthians 15:52).

trundle, adj. [unknown.]

Rolling; moving; [fig.] invisible; nested; concealed; hidden away; out of sight.

trunk, n. [Fr. < L. truncus, main stem.]

  1. Stem; part of a plant.
  2. Bag; suitcase; portable; leather chest; container for traveling.

trust, n. [ON traust.]

  1. Faith; confidence; reliance.
  2. Security; surety; protection; insurance; familiarity.
  3. Hope; [personification] one who desires to see someone.
  4. Credit; agreed upon amount; promised future payment.

trust (-s, -ed), v. [ON traust.]

  1. Believe; be confident.
  2. Rely on; believe in; give credence to.

trusting, verbal adj. [see trust, v.]

Gullible; unwary; not vigilant.

trusty, adj. [see trust, v.]

Reliable; believable; deserving confidence; fit to be confided in.

truth (-'s), n. [OE tríewþ.] (webplay: God, fidelity, opinion).

  1. Reality; facts; actual state of things.
  2. Being; exact accordance with that which is, or has been, or shall be.
  3. Wisdom; verity; orthodoxy; real doctrine; sound philosophy; veracious principles; true religious belief.
  4. Veracity; purity from falsehood.
  5. Fact; principle; essence, as distinguished from an imitation.
  6. Sincerity; practice of speaking truth; habitual disposition to speak correct principles.
  7. Constancy.
  8. Correct opinion.

try (tried, tries, trying), v. [Fr.]

  1. Bear; endure; remain.
  2. Strain; struggle.
  3. Judge; examine judicially; prove by witnesses; examine by principles of law.
  4. Attempt; essay; seek; test the ability to.
  5. Endeavor; exert strength; make an effort; work in order to progress; stretch forward to accomplish something.
  6. Use; utilize; borrow.
  7. Prove; establish; show; demonstrate.
  8. Evaluate; appraise; assess; discern; study; ascertain the relevance, strength, goodness, value, or truth of.
  9. Examine; scrutinize; analyze; make experiment on; take a chance; prove by experiment.
  10. Phrase. “try one's wings”: attempt to fly; rely on the power of flight; [fig.] relocate; accept the next stage of bereavement; move to the next phase of development.

tube (-s), n. [Fr.]

  1. Pollen shaft; long slender projection that holds pollen in a flower.
  2. Stem; slender projection that hold the blossom of a flowering plant.