Lexicon: tuck – tun

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tuck (s), noun. [see tuck, v.]

Pleat; insert; stitch for fitting a garment; decorative seam in a piece of clothing.

tuck (-ing), verb. [ME tuke, to jerk, tuck, tug.]

Inclose; secure; protect in a snug place.

tuft (-s), n. [poss. Fr. touffe < L. tūfa, helmet crest.]

Gust; breeze; swell; crest; sudden occurrence.

tug (-s, tugging), v. [ME.]

  1. Jerk; pull vigorously; [fig.] resist; strive; fight against.
  2. Struggle; labor; work hard.
  3. Beat faster; increase in pulse; [fig.] move with emotion; pound with excitement.

tulle, n. [Fr.; entry does not appear in Webster's 1844 dictionary.]

Nett; gauze; sheer cloth; soft material; fine-spun textile; veil of delicately-woven fabric; [fig.] ground cover.

tumble (-d, -s), v. [ME.]

  1. Jump; roll; turn over in flight.
  2. Topple; fall precipitously; come down suddenly.

tumbled, verbal adj. [see tumble, v.]

Tossed; tousled; disheveled; shook up; [fig.] looted; sacked; rifled; plundered; ransacked.

tumult, n. [L. 'to swell.']

  1. Cacophony; din; clamor; uproar; disarray; noisy confusion.
  2. Confusion; commotion; trouble; turmoil; growing agitation.

tumultuous, adj. [OFr; see tumult, n.]

  1. Turbulent; restless; wave-tossed.
  2. Disorderly; volatile; very active; incessantly moving.

tun, n. [OE; see ton.]

Cask; tub; vat; barrel; large vessel; [fig.] balloon; flying body; heavy airborne object.