Lexicon: tune – turn

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tune (-s), n. [OFr ton, < L. tonus, stretching quality of sound, tone in painting; see tone, n.]

  1. Line; strain; musical message; [fig.] style; kind of expression; way of communicating; manner of being.
  2. Murmur; babble; sound of water.
  3. Melody; series of musical notes; non-verbal part of a song; series of notes for voice or instrument.
  4. Harmony; union of two parts of a song.
  5. Canticle; hymn; song of praise; prayer set to music; [fig.] poem; lyric verse.
  6. Birdsong; music of nature.
  7. Sound; rustle; pleasant noise; [fig.] zephyr; musical sound; [word play] air, as a breeze or wind current, and air, as a piece of music.
  8. Buzz; insect noise.
  9. Song; ballad.
  10. Celebration; musical expression.
  11. Pulse; rhythmic sound; martial music; pattern of beats.
  12. Dirge; sound of lamentation.
  13. Rumble; ominous sound.
  14. Literary talent; poetic gift.

tune (tuning), v. [see tune, n.]

Sharpen; prepare for performance.

Tunis, proper n. [poss. related to Phoenician goddess Tanith; poss. related to Berber word, 'small cape'.]

Capital of Tunisia; city in northern Africa; [allusion] kingdom of Queen Claribel in Shakespeare's The Tempest (2.1.246-248): “She that is the queen of Tunis; she that dwells / Ten leagues beyond man's life; she that from Naples / Can have no note, unless the sun were post.”

tunnel, n. [OFr. tonel, ton, cask.]

Burrow; underground horizontal chamber; [fig.] tomb; burial place.

tunnel, v. [see tunnel, n.]

Dig; burrow; make a channel; [fig.] toil; work; labor.

turbaned, adj. [Pers. dulband, tulip; same root as “tulip.”]

Wearing a fez; having a colorful wrapped headdress; [fig.] surrounded with tulips; bordered with fields of colorful flowers.

turbid, adj. [L. 'full of confusion or disorder' < turba, crowd, disturbance.]

Dark; cloudy; murky; disturbed; troubled; perplexed.

turbulent, adj. [L. 'full of disturbance or commotion' < turba, crowd.]

Tumultuous; unruly; restless; troubled; uneasy; boisterous; disorderly.

Turk, proper n. [L. < Gk < Persian turk, strong, powerful + iye, owner, Turk's land.]

Ottoman; inhabitant of Anatolia; native of Turkey; person who uses cushions instead of chairs; [fig.] exotic person; colorful personality; (see ED letters).

turn (-s), n. [see turn, v.]

  1. Detour; digression; roundabout way; winding path; meandering course; bend in the road; [fig.] disappointment; setback; letdown; reversal.
  2. Attempt; try; assay; opportunity to succeed.
  3. Time; appointment; chosen time; designated moment.
  4. Chance; opportunity; luck; good fortune.
  5. Change of direction.
  6. Outpost; lookout; military position; place for retreat; [fig.] loss; death.
  7. Fate; destiny; portion; circumference; misfortune; lot in life; part to play.