Lexicon: twinkle – two

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twinkle (-d), v. [OE twinclian.]

  1. Sparkle; glitter; flash at internals; [fig.] reappear; surface again quickly.
  2. Wink; blink the eyes for pleasure; get a joyful spark of light in the eyes.

twinkling, verbal adj. [see twinkle, v.]

Shiny; flashy; glittering; sparkling; radiant; giving pulses of light.

twinkling, verbal n. [see twinkle, v.]

Sparkle; glitter; pulsing of light.

twirl (-ed), v. [of obscure origin.]

Spin; twist; whirl; rotate rapidly.

twist (-s), v. [ME twīnen < Gr. 'to twist, thread'.]

Combine; wind; entwine.

twitch (-ed, -ing), v. [ME twicchen.]

  1. Snag; grab; snatch at; get caught on; become attached to; pull with a jerk.
  2. Jerk; move involuntarily; make a spasm; experience a series of quick muscle contractions.

twitter, n. [Imitative.]

Chirp; cheep; tweedle; song.

twixt, adv. [OE; poetic contraction of “betwixt”; see between, prep.]

  1. Passing from one to the other.
  2. Between; in the area that determines; within the space that separates.

two, adj. [OE twá.] (webplay: one, two, twelve-month).

Dual; binary; bigeminal; one plus one; one and another together; one located in the same place as the other.

two, n. [see two, adj.]

  1. Twain; one and another separate from each other.
  2. Duo; deuce; dyad; binary pair; a couple.