Definition for Knock (-ed, -ing, -s)

knock (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [OE cnocian.] (webplay: door, rap).

  1. Alarm; get attention; [fig.] awaken with first light.
  2. Tap repeatedly; show a desire to enter; [fig.] pray; respectfully petition; prepare for entrance into the presence of God; (see Matthew 7:7).
  3. Pound; signal arrival at a door; [fig.] throb; beat faster; arrive with quickened pulse.
  4. Nudge; prod; hint; prompt; [fig.] happen; occur; appear.
  5. Rap with the fist; strike rhythmically with the knuckles of the hand; [fig.] request; draw attention; give a polite signal; make one's presence known.
  6. Desire; seek; ask; [fig.] believe; have faith; (see Matthew 7:8).
  7. Make noise; produce a rhythmic sound; [fig.] distract; interrupt; deflect attention away momentarily.

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