Definition for Know (-est, -ing, -s, -'st, knew, knewest, known)

know (-est, -ing, -s, -'st, knew, knewest, known), v. [OE cnáwan.] (webplay: absence, acquaintance, ascertained, believe, blood, cause, certain, certainty, choose, circle, description, different, discovered, distinguish, doubt, evidence, examine, existence, exists, experience, express, eyes, fact, fire, fixed, fly, gained, God, grow, heard, heaven, human, ignorance, illumination, instructed, learn, limited, mind, notice, observation, part, perceive, perfect, person, planet, portrait, power, prudent, receive, recollection, recognize, rely on, remembrance, reports, see, senses, skillful, square, star, stranger, substances, taught, truth, twinkling, uncertainty, understand, unusual, water, will, wing, works, world).

  1. Exist; live; have being; have consciousness.
  2. Feel acquainted with; feel familiar with through information, experience, or report.
  3. Choose; favor; take an interest in.
  4. Perceive as real; see the reality of; visually recognize the truth of; grasp through eyesight; [fig.] believe; have evidence of; receive a witness of.
  5. Be able; have the skill; be versed in; master through instruction, study, or practice.
  6. Recognize; identify; remember; be able to distinguish.
  7. Fully believe; have perfect faith; have complete assurance; have satisfactory evidence.
  8. Experience; encounter; partake of.
  9. Hear; realize; be cognizant; be apprised of; become aware of through observation, inquiry, experience, or information.
  10. Possess; have; own.
  11. Distinguish; tell from another.
  12. Disclose; reveal; make manifest.

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