Definition for Descend (-ing)

descend (-ing), v. [Fr. < L. d─ôscendere, climb down.] (webplay: beggar, considered, father, feet, flow, himself, pass, place, run, suddenly, town).

  1. Alight; fly down; arrive on earth; come from heaven; [fig.] be born.
  2. Fall; come to pass; move towards darkness.
  3. Lower; decline; pass from a higher to a lower place; (see Genesis 28:12).
  4. Enter within; go down into; [fig.] explore; probe; investigate.
  5. Return to earth; come back down; [fig.] return to normal.
  6. Humble oneself; come to a humbler status; move to a lower position; [fig.] consent; agree to go voluntarily.
  7. Fly around; take flight; dive through the air.

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