Definition for Drink (drank, drinking, drunk, drunken)

drink (drank, drinking, drunk, drunken), v. [OE drincan.] (webplay: air, brook, cup, drunkard, eye, hear, liquor, see, thirst, tippler, water, wine).

  1. Take in liquid; [fig.] experience.
  2. Intake; ingest; satiate one's thirst; (see Genesis 24:17 for “drink” and Lamentations 5:4 for “drunken”).
  3. Imbibe; sip an intoxicating liquid; [fig.] live; celebrate; enjoy life; worship nature; (see Matthew 24:38).
  4. Partake; consume; shape a cup of sacramental wine (see Matthew 26:27); [fig.] consume a cleansing beverage.
  5. Slake thirst; stay hydrated.
  6. Accept; receive; submit to; (see Matthew 20:22).
  7. Choose; select; [fig.] taste.
  8. Endure; undergo; suffer; (see Mark 10:38-39).
  9. Phrase. “Drink to”: celebrate; toast; imbibe alcohol for a festive occasion; [fig.] praise; honor; pay homage to; (see Luke 12:19).
  10. Phrase. “drunk it stronger”: taken a more potent dose; imbibed a more intoxicating portion; [fig.] appreciated it more.

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