Definition for Bloom (-s)

bloom (-s), n. [ME < ON blóm, flower, blossom, and blómi, bloom, prosperity.] (webplay: bud, expanded, flower, grapes, growth, life, opening, perfection, put, sweet, show, yield).

  1. Spring; season of growth; time of renewal; [fig.] resurrection; restoration; hope of eternal life.
  2. Poem; verse; lyric.
  3. Pastoral beauty; natural splendor; [fig.] April; springtime.
  4. Blossom; expanded flower; colored portion of a plant consisting of stamens, pistils, corolla, and calyx; culminating beauty of a plant before going to fruit.
  5. Blossoming; state of growth; development of a plant; [fig.] life; vitality; vigor; strength.

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