Definition for Brother (-s, bretheren)

brother (-s, bretheren), n. [OE; ED uses the older spelling of the stem-vowel plural.]

  1. Austin Dickinson; male sibling; man born of the same parents.
  2. Associate; colleague; relative; [personification] nearby planet; heavenly body in the same solar system; correlative object in space.
  3. Soldier; warrior; compatriot; fighter; enlisted man; participant in a battle; [fig.] hero; savior; rescuer; Christ.
  4. Son of Adam; male child of God (see Genesis 4:8).
  5. Ally; companion; neighbor; comrade; collaborator; partner.
  6. Sibling; person born of the same parents; member of the same family; [fig.] fellow human being (see Genesis 13:8).
  7. Peer; parallel entity; [fig.] adjoining land; similar territory; corresponding area.
  8. Inhabitant; citizen; denizen; occupant; fellow creature; co-existing being.

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