Definition for Brow (-s)

brow (-s), n. [OE 'eye-lashes,' 'eyelids,' 'eyebrows,' 'forehead'.] (webplay: bound, eye, forehead, hair, hill).

  1. Field; yard; garden; meadow; woods; forest; place of natural beauty; [personification] forehead; top of the head; (NW cites Shakespeare in the entry for “BROW'BOUND … Crowned; having the head encircled as with a diadem”; see Coriolanus 2.2.98).
  2. Top; highest point; [metonymy] head; upper end of the human body.
  3. Hairline; ridge above the eye; [fig.] line; edge; boundary; brink; border.
  4. Forehead; ridges above the eyes; place on the front of the head above the eyebrows; [fig.] mind; intellect; sophistication; cultural refinement; social achievement.
  5. Curve; arch; half-circle; [fig.] edge of a crater; shadowy feature on the surface of earth's satellite.
  6. Face; visage; countenance.
  7. Rise; incline; prominence; rolling slope; [fig.] curving skyline; arching horizon (see Luke 4:29).

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