Definition for Faith

faith, n. [OFr feid or feit, persuade, draw toward, conciliate, bind.] (webplay: advanced, alone, being, Belief, believe, broke, Children, constant, death, distinguished, evidence, failing, fraud, friend, generation, God, heart, justified, life, lover, mind, name, nature, observant, perfections, remains, Savior, sight, strain, strong, suppose, thing, times, trust, truth, walk, witness).

  1. Belief in Christ; trust in the Son of God; [fig.] natural credo; confidence in the constant cycles of renewal, rebirth, and return in Nature.
  2. Belief in salvation; trust that the dead will be restored to life.
  3. Suspension of disbelief; the first principle of Christianity; the primary article of belief for a gospel creed.
  4. Religious commitment; loyalty to covenant; moral courage under persecution; [fig.] Christian martyrdom; [personification] a saint; a believer; a martyr; (see Acts 13:8).
  5. Acceptance without certain knowledge; credence without visible evidence; veneration without tangible experience; devotion without total reassurance; reliance on the scriptures, the existence of God, and the mission of Christ to save all humankind.
  6. Abstinence from sure knowledge; absence from the presence of God; [metaphor] the Lord's lamb; believer who makes a willing sacrifice; one who gives a consecrated freewill offering to God.
  7. Personal belief system; private religion of love; [fig.] sacrament of marriage.
  8. Bond; connection; devotion; oath; pledge; troth; security; vow.
  9. Justification; grace; perfect trust in God; spiritual apprehension of divine truths; comprehension of the gospel of Christ; unreserved surrender of the will to the Lord's guidance; acceptance of realities beyond the reach of logical proof; (see Luke 7:50).
  10. Reliance on scriptural witnesses; confidence in truth declared by another; conviction proceeding from reliance on testimony; (see Matthew 6:30).
  11. Active force; principle of action; power that impels one to move; belief that initiates good deeds; [personification] an apostle, evangelist, minister, prophet, or preacher.
  12. Knowledge; sentiment based on concrete evidence.
  13. Open-mindedness; desire to see; capacity to believe; hope in possibilities not yet manifest; [fig.] sincerity; innocence; honesty (see Matthew 8:10).
  14. Perception; inner sense like the five senses; (see Acts 16:5).
  15. Hope in things that are not seen which are true (see Hebrews 11:1)
  16. Confidence; self-assurance; credibility; authority; power to produce belief; (see Matthew 17:20).
  17. Doctrine; theology; [fig.] substance; strength; meaning; significance.
  18. Divine power; [fig.] Deity.

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