Definition for Fall (-ing, -s, fell)

fall (-ing, -s, fell), v. [OE faellan.] (webplay: act, Adam, against, angels, arrow, attempt, become, bend, book, broken, brother, care, cease, clouds, come, cools, days, dejection, die, different, down, dread, drop, earth, enemies, enter, erect, face, fail, faint, Far, fathers, fear, feet, first, forget, friendship, full, glory, gravity, great, Gulf of Mexico, hands, head, heaven, hill, hopes, horse, ill, interesting, joy, knowest, land, lords, love, lower, men, mice, mind, mixt, nations, nothing, observed, off, ounces, outsailed, pass, power, ranks, rejected, remain, revolt, rises, river, ruined, sea, shame, shoot, sick, side, Since, snow, solid, soul, sound, stand, steep, still, sword, tells, throw, tide, tree, tumble, two, war, wind, withdraw, witness, worst, youth).

  1. Drop; descend; decline; plummet; go down in motion; come to the ground; [fig.] sound; utter.
  2. Die; depart from this life; wound mortally by violence; (see Leviticus 26:7).
  3. Apostatize; succumb to temptation; lapse into sin or folly; (see Leviticus 19:29).
  4. Lower; come down; [fig.] subside; come to an end.
  5. Faint; pass out; drop down from an erect posture.
  6. Happen; occur; approach; come to pass; (see Ruth 3:18).

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