Definition for Sigh

sigh, n. [OE < siche < MD sike, to draw breath; see sighing, verbal n.] (webplay: Grief).

  1. Gasp; quick inhalation; sudden breath that indicates admiration, wonder, or attraction.
  2. Single deep respiration; long exhalation of breath that indicates grief, pain, or dejection.
  3. Inhalation of a larger quantity of air than usual; sudden emission of breath that indicates longing.
  4. Sharp exhalation; intense breathing; [fig.] death rattle.
  5. Slow steady release of vocalized breath; [fig.] prayer; petition.
  6. Sound; noise; vocalization; [fig.] “ribbit”; amphibian's croaking voice.
  7. Breeze; warm wind current; [fig.] music of nature.
  8. “Ooh!”; “Ah!”; exclamation of wonder.
  9. Wish; expression of need.

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