Definition for Pain (-'s)

pain (-'s), n. [ME < OFr peine < L. pœna penalty, punishment.] (webplay: animal, bodies, bowed, childbirth, death, difficult, displeasure, expect, fear, fly, friends, future, gain, grief, heart, inflicted, limb, lose, mind, parts, past, pressure, presume, prospect, service, sorrow, suffer, surgery, taking pains to rise, tired, trouble, uneasy, work).

  1. Trial; mental difficulty; emotional suffering; spiritual agony.
  2. Hurt; discomfort; physical suffering; bodily affliction.
  3. Work; labor; toil; exertion; effort.
  4. Grief; misery; sorrow; [fig.] mortality; life on earth; human experience.
  5. Offense; insult; pang of regret or sorrow.
  6. Ache; heartbreak; [fig.] vein.

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